Our pizza is created with top shelf, high quality ingredients. We use premium, fresh, and locally sourced produce as well as Molino Caputo flour, tomato pulp and olive oil direct from Italy. Our meats are butcher-quality and we pride ourselves on using hormone and antibiotic free Bangalow Sweet Pork, recognized across Australia for it’s exceptional taste and quality. We only use 100 % pure mozzarella cheese – absolutely no blends or substitutes. We combine these vibrant and authentic ingredients to create the perfect balance of tastes in our extensive range of pizzas.


The secret to achieving our high quality pizza is the creation of a great base. Our dough balls are made using Molino Caputo “00” flour – the most finely ground and highest-quality protein flour. Using the “Slow Rise Method,” our dough is refrigerated for three to six days and rises due to the natural fermentation process, requiring only a miniscule amount of yeast. This makes our base exceptionally light and easy to digest. Each dough ball is then stretched by our bare hands on a flour-coated, marble stone, enriching it with human touch. Ingredients are then layered on the pizza base and placed into the stone oven to bake.Our precise cooking process ensures that you enjoy a pizza base that is light and crunchy, complementing the richness and succulence of our freshly selected toppings.
No oily bases… No machines… No conveyors… No nonsense


Each one of our team members has been carefully selected to ensure they represent our service ethos. Our chefs pride themselves on being Pizzaiolis, having completed specialty training in pizza making. Just as we have high expectations of our staff, we equally value our staff’s well-being; it is our philosophy that when the entire team is treated with respect, we create an environment where love abounds in and around our food, enhancing everyone’s experience at Slice Pizzeria. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every pizza meets our customers’ expectations, always providing high quality service with a smile.
Generous… Honest… Responsible… Real…